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Real Estate

Purchases And Sales

Whether it is by private or public sale our attorneys can assist you from the purchase agreement to closing.

Title Opinions

If you are paying good money for real estate, it’s essential that you know the seller is the true owner of the property and that they have the ability to pass marketable title to the buyer. A title examination based off a recently updated abstract will give you the necessary assurance that you are getting what you expected from the seller.

Purchase Agreements

A properly drafted purchase agreement—clearly defining the rights, duties, and contingencies of a transaction— is worth its weight in gold.

  • Did you request enough earnest money?
  • What are the ramifications if one of the parties fails to do what they said?
  • Who is paying for which closing costs?

Let the attorneys at Nyhus Law Firm put together a purchase agreement that covers all the typical issues that could arise in a real estate transaction, so your transaction goes as smooth as possible.


The delivery of a properly drafted deed is what conveys title to real property.

Not all deeds are the same. Some promise that the seller is the owner and ensure that the seller will step in and defend against claims from other third-parties who may later claim an ownership interest. Other deeds expressly exclude those commitments. While some reserve minerals, life estate, or other interests in real property.

Our attorneys at Nyhus Law Firm take the time to understand your needs and make sure that the deed for your real estate transaction is exactly what you need.


When co-owners of real property cannot agree on how to separate their ownership interests—whether it was obtained through purchase, inheritance or otherwise—a partition action presents the issue to the court.

Each partition is as unique as the land to which it relates. Our attorneys provide experienced advocacy for your real property rights.

Whether its highway expansion, power lines, waterways or pipelines, when a governmental department is seeking to gain access across your property—you are entitled to fair market value compensation. Trust the Nyhus Law Firm to protect your interests and real property rights.

Eminent Domain

Whether it’s highway expansion, power lines, waterways or pipelines, when a governmental department is seeking to gain access across your property—you are entitled to fair market value compensation. Our attorneys will help you understand your options and protect your interests when facing eminent domain proceedings.


Easements are often sought by public and private entities to access property. The details of the description of the easement, as well as its location, are very important. Inartful easements or location descriptions can lead to problems. Trust the expertise of our lawyers to craft or negotiate your easements.


When a city’s boundaries change it may seek to include your property within it’s boundaries. This results in additional services but may also involve an increase in property taxes and other burdens. If your property is the subject of potential annexation, our attorneys will advocate for your property rights.

Landlord And Tenant Issues

Our lawyers at Nyhus Law Firm have drafted or reviewed hundreds of leases for commercial, residential, and agricultural land owners and tenants. Trust our skill and knowledge to craft your lease or represent your interests.

Zoning Issues

Cities, Townships and other political subdivisions wield significant control over the use and enjoyment of land through zoning ordinances. If your property is impacted by zoning issues, our attorneys can help you advocate for your rights before zoning and planning boards.

Real Estate Litigation

Whether it is a partition to divide land, an eminent domain action, or quieting title to land, real estate matters sometimes end up in court. Our lawyers provide you with direct advice and effectively advocate for your interest in any real estate litigation.